Burial Information

Burial is by far the most popular method of disposition for various reasons. For many, religion dictates that this method be chosen. Numerous families select burial because they enjoy the concept of a final resting place; a location at which they may regularly visit their loved one. Continuance of familial tradition is another reason. In most cases, generations of families have chosen burial as the tribute for their loved ones. You may prefer to choose this same option for any or all of these reasons or those unique to your situation. We are here to support your selection.

Whether the method is entombment or interment, at Brackney Funeral Service we believe that a burial funeral ceremony is a hallowed and special tribute, which must honor the memory of your loved one. As every soul is unique, so too should be the ceremony. We offer an abundant selection of burial packages including traditional services which can be held at our chapel or your selected place of worship, and graveside services. Though the options are many, Brackney Funeral Service is staffed by professionals with the experience necessary to help structure the ceremony to accommodate you both emotionally and monetarily. We offer a lovely selection of caskets in a range of materials, colors and textures, as well as headstones and plaques certain to please your aesthetic tastes while remaining within your fiscal limits. Ancillary items such as floral arrangements, service programs and prayer cards are a nice touch which can further enhance the service.

At Brackney Funeral Service we recognize that burial is the overwhelmingly preferred funeral method. Its memorial service is crucial; it allows families to honor the existence and soul of the person who has touched their lives. Our staff never loses sight of the magnitude of the occasion and remains ready to assist our clients with any need. We are here to serve you whether you require our services at this time or just have questions.

Please feel free to contact us at (850) 683-9898, we are here to help and answer your questions.