At Brackney Funeral Service, we feel that cost should not be the deciding factor at your time of need. We have put together many options to ensure that you can memoralize your loved one and stay within your budget. We are a family owned full service funeral home providing dignified and compassionate services. Please call us or stop by with any questions you may have and we will be glad to assist you.

Brackney Funeral Service offers:

  • Traditional burials
  • Graveside burials
  • Immediate burials
  • Traditional cremation services
  • Cremation with memorial service
  • Basic cremation
  • Ship-Outs to any location and international
  • Ship-ins
  • Casket sales
  • Cremation casket sales
  • Cremation urn sales
  • Keepsakes
  • Mementos
  • Pre-arrangements
  • Online condolences
  • Video memorials
  • Full line of memorial stationary
  • Rental casket
  • Scattering at sea

Funeral Services:

The funeral service is designed to honor the life of your loved one, it is also a time that you will begin to deal with the reality of your loss and when the healing process begins.

Brackney Funeral Service has the necessary facilities to accommodate funeral services, viewings, memorial ceremonies, veteran services and all other needs associated with funeral services.

Acknowledge Those Who Expressed Sympathy:

The following suggestions are for acknowledging those who took part in the funeral service and expressed their sympathy. A couple of weeks after the funeral:
  • Send a personal note to the clergy thanking them for their help.
  • Send a card to the pallbearers and friends who volunteered services, sent flowers, made offerings, contributed memorials, gave money, or provided food.
  • Reply to letters and with a brief note. Sympathy cards usually do not require a reply.

After the Funeral:

The process of grieving and adjustment may continue long after the funeral ceremony. There will be challenges and adjustments for the survivors in the days and weeks after the funeral. Suggestions that may help the adjustment process include:

  • Inquire about bereavement services and support groups.
  • Make necessary changes to bank, charge, investment, and mortgage accounts.
  • Update insurance policies.
  • Update personal property and motor vehicle records.
  • Update your will.
  • Consider prearranging and pre-funding your funeral.