One of the kindest gestures a person can make is that of pre-planning their funeral arrangements. At Brackney Funeral Service, our experience has shown this advanced planning to be ideal for everyone involved. Pre-planning can ease the emotional and financial burden from their families during what is an intensely painful time. Not only will your relatives be spared the painful task of planning your memorial service while going through the grieving process, but pre-planning also ensures that your ceremony will be exactly as you want for it to be.
Further, it allows time to ponder the fundamental questions which set the tone of a funeral service:

  • Do you want a burial or cremation?
  • Do you wish for the ceremony to be held at a specific location?
  • Do you want a religious ceremony?
  • Do you want a public or a private service?
  • What location do you wish for the burial to occur?
  • What do you want done with the cremains?

When you plan your service in advance your family will never have to guess what your wishes would have been and whether the funeral honored your ideals. In light of the many spiritual, ethical and lifestyle disparities in this day and age, fundamental differences can occur even within families. When left to do the planning, your loved one may make decisions regarding your funeral which you would not have made. There are numerous, very critical decisions to be made. One great thing about planning ahead is the amount of time you are afforded to make these decisions.

Brackney Funeral Service will work with you to plan every facet of your funeral service. We will provide you with guidance and support as you need it. You can focus on each detail at your leisure. Important decisions such as venue for the ceremony, disposition method, casket or urn type, location of burial, purchase of the plot, and many more details.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of pre-planning is the reduction of financial stress. Once you make the decisions with regard to the memorial services and corresponding products, the pricing can be locked in. Subject to the contract for these goods and services, you may also opt to make payment in installments. This option provides peace of mind for many and is a great relief.

We find that many people simply are not even aware that they have the option to arrange their funeral in advance.
There are many reasons that this program is in your best interest, such as the following risk-eliminating features:

  • All funds are either put into a trust account, or are insured.
  • Funeral costs are locked in and services we provide will not increase.
  • You can elect to have funds transferred to another facility at any time.

Brackney Funeral Service is proud to provide pre-planning services to our community. We have seen time and time again that it is advantageous to all involved parties; seen the peace of mind it can bring and the stress it alleviates.

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