Amir D’Ior Charliono Calloway

Amir D’Ior Charliono Calloway

Amir D’Ior Charliono Calloway

February 06, 2024~February 29, 2024

Amir D’Ior Charliono Calloway passed away unexpectedly on Thursday, February 29, 2024 at the age of 23 days. Amir was born on February 6, 2024 in Crestview, Florida to Akeeme Calloway and Mary Elle Hudson.

Our family was not expecting the loss of Amir or for his life to be cut so short so soon. We are devasted by this loss and will feel the absence of Amir forever. Amir was the sweetest, most loving soul and a joy to be around. His smile would fill a room with love and he will be missed by all who know him.

Amir is survived by his parents, Akeeme Elijahwan Calloway and Mary Elle Hudson, his maternal side, Cassandra and Rocky Rawls, Caroline Hudson, Rachel Rawls, Michelle Blazich, Joanie Greene, Charles David Hudson III and Tammi Hudson, Jimmy R. Morrow Sr. and Susan Morrow and Jimmy R. Morrow Jr., his paternal side, Stacey Baker, Willie J. Calloway, Helen Baker, LaPorsha Baker, Martez Hurst and a host of  siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles and extended family.

A funeral service will be held on Saturday, March 9, 2024 beginning at 11:00 a.m. from The Chapel of Brackney Funeral Service with Pastor John Reaves officiating. The family will receive friends on Saturday, March 9, 2024 from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. at the funeral home.

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Michelle Blazich, Gma

March 8, 2024, 1:20 am

Sweet baby Amir, I looked forward to meeting you so much. I fell in love with your smile that looked so intentional and true. You will always take up a little space right under my heart.
MaryElle, we never know why things happen, but you have had the worst thing thrown at you. Please know, that in just 23 days that boy touched hearts deeply. I pray God grants you Peace as you walk this path. You are not alone. Love, Gma.

Li’kara & BabyBanks

March 8, 2024, 4:56 am

my heart hearts🥹 we wasn’t ready but tt Kara coming saturday to say her “see ya later alligator” wishing u can say back “after while crocodile” 💔 . Ima be rite by your moms side just as u would be wanting her loving or to spazz on her 🤣 . i miss you li man , gone to soon . #LLSPAZZ


March 8, 2024, 4:58 am

hi baby amir, tete shelby loves you so very much you beautiful angel 🥹💙. get your rest sweet boy, i got your mama 🙁. i love you mary elle 💕 you kniw i got you forever friend .

Diamond Howard

March 8, 2024, 4:59 am

oh my sweet little chunk man where do I start🥺💔💔.. I’m just so lost for words but just know you had all of us wrapped around your little finger😩. Amir I love you soo much little man you stole my heart the day you made an entrance! I got you mom 5L she gon be straight and isn’t gon hurt for nun neither is your father I love em both🥹. Get your rest and save us a seat your name is gonna live FOREVER🩵💯! LLSPAZZ🩵🕊️

lydia wood

March 8, 2024, 5:03 am

sweet face amir we love you and ik u watching over your mommy 🕊️

Jamia Le’ann

March 8, 2024, 5:31 am

Love you Amir you will forever be miss🥹🫶🏽

Kaleb Foster

March 8, 2024, 5:46 am

Though most of us were not able to meet you. You touched the hearts of those that had the pleasure of meeting you. I can’t express how unwieldy it is to bare what happen just know you will forever be in our grace.

your mommy & daddy❤️

March 8, 2024, 6:08 am

to our sweet bundle of joy, you will always be the light of our life’s. we love you big & will always be here for you. you were taken from us way too soon but we know you are in good hands. we miss you dearly sweet prince. love always, mommy & daddy. hugs & lots of kisses baby boy. until we meet again.


March 8, 2024, 6:25 am

prayers❤️‍🩹🥺 , i know this is a tough time .. just know you 100% have support through this , your not alone mamas !

Nyja Jones

March 8, 2024, 11:56 am

R.I.P beautiful Angel ! I hope your mommie finds strength to heal from this tragic moment because I know it can be a hardship at times . I’m sending nothing but prayers y’all way through this journey I may don’t know you well Mary but I know God is gonna bless you one day so get ready for your blessing my love .And remember everything happens for a reason even when it don’t make sense baby ! Hold on because Greater is coming ..Love Nyja jones ♥️


March 8, 2024, 12:22 pm

You were so loved by many and still are. I’m so sorry for your loss Mary, love you 💕

Haleigha Mason

March 8, 2024, 2:30 pm

You were loved so much by your mommy and your mommy was loved by many people also I never knew her nor you but y’all was precious I hope your mama finds strength in this and knows god does things for a reason I love you Mary even though I never knew you but god got this in his hands and Amir will be the most beautiful angel ever🥺 LLAMIR🕊️ you will be missed ❤️

Cassandra Rawls, Mimi

March 8, 2024, 3:17 pm

Sweet Amir, you are the most perfect joy to have entered our family’s heart. I miss your kissable cheeks, tiny sighs, sleepy grins, and warm, soft hands. You are perfect in every way and will always be.
While I mourn the Earthly loss of you, it brings me solace in knowing you are held lovingly in the arms of your Great Grandma Pauline, Granny Matchum, and Big Mom.
I grieve never getting to hear you giggle, see you be silly, snuggle you on rainy days watching your favorite cartoon, listen to your wildly imaginative little boy stories, read to you (oh how I love to read to a little one), visit you at school, cheer for you in the stands, take you on special Mimi and Grand Dad vacations, and a lifetime of special moments.
I love you Sweet Boy. Thank you for bringing so much joy and pride in my life just by being your Mimi.
Mary Elle, the most special moment in a mother’s life is hearing her child’s first cry. When I gave birth to you I told your Grandma all I wanted was to hear you cry. As women, God gives us the highest honor with the gift of giving birth and being a Mother. Each birth is a miracle just as Amir was. While he was taken far too soon, please know that being his Mother is the most wonderful thing you’ve done so far in your life. Make him proud and continue to do wonderful things. Amir is a gift that I pray will draw you closer to God. Lean into your faith and know that God will get you through this. 23 days was not enough time to have with your sweet boy, but I know those 23 days were the most joyous you’ve felt and the most love you have shared.
I love you, and thank you for the gift of being a Mother and being a Mimi.


March 9, 2024, 1:10 am

Sleep in peace beautiful angel.. you’re parents love you so much and will always cherish and look back on the memories you shared together.. Praying for you Mary and your boyfriend

Mark and Sharon Brazel

March 9, 2024, 1:32 am


We are so sorry for the loss of your sweet baby. Know that we love you and will be praying for God to give you comfort and strength.

Sissy Rachie

March 9, 2024, 4:16 am

I miss my sweet boy, my future best friend. I wish we would’ve got the time to spend with one another in your adolescence. I would’ve been your favorite sissy rachie, but for now you’ll have to wait until I’m up there with you. Now you’re in the hands of God, and all will be well. I love you Amir, too much than I can handle. 💌💐🩵

Ja’Nyrah Foreman

March 9, 2024, 4:16 am

I’m so sorry for the unfortunate circumstances Mary 🙏🏿’ baby Mir is truly loved by you forever 💕’ . Keep your head up mama


March 15, 2024, 3:32 am

amir you were the cutest little baby and full of life. you’re gone far too soon. you’ll live in all of our hearts forever 💞💞 you’re missed and loved by so many. keep your head up mary, and just put one foot in front of the other. take it all one day at a time! 💗💗 in due time we will all join you up in the sky amir 🥰

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