Shirley Jo Gardenhire

Shirley Jo Gardenhire

Shirley Jo Gardenhire

January 02, 1951~June 25, 2022

Shirley Jo Gardenhire was born in Wilcox, Arizona on January 2nd, 1951. She was one of six children: William (Dolo) J. Gardenhire, Anne (Larry) Hunt, our mother, Tom (Sarah) Gardenhire, Kaye Hunt, and Becky Bush. She was preceded in death by her parents William J. Gardenhire, Sr., and Hazel Martin.

She joined the U.S. Air Force shortly after high school, and was stationed at Riverside, CA, and Tucson AZ, before leaving the service. She married Gilbert M. Ubert, Sr., and had three children with him: Gilbert (Darla) M. Ubert, Jr., Sydney (Andrew) Kossowski, and Siobhan (Michael) Alvarez. They parted ways, and Shirley Jo met William Lawson, with whom she had a child, Lara Baker (née Martin). Shirley Jo also had three children with her second husband, Alan J. Greene: Justin (Becca) Ubert, Sabrina Greene, and Gillian (Bryan) Greene.

Shirley Jo had a great lust for life, a wonderful and crude sense of humor, and loved to learn about different cultures. Close friends called her Jo and she worked very hard throughout her life in a variety of clerk and management positions. She also had a burgeoning cake business at one point, making custom cakes for the important times in people’s lives. She was a self-described “green thumb” who enjoyed gardening, with a love of marigolds, tulips, hydrangeas, and pansies. She had a great love for God and was an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

There are too many stories to tell about this feisty, vulgar, loving, fierce, and God-fearing woman. We cannot include them all here but would love to read any that you may share in the guest book. Please do not hesitate to share the moments and memories that showcase this unique and awesome lady.

She is survived by her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren:

Gilbert M. Ubert and Spouse Darla Ubert, grandchildren Jessica Rayanne Julia Ubert, Joshua Travis Manuel Ubert, Rebacca Elizabeth-Ann Ubert, Lisa Christine Marie Ubert, and Amanda Rose Julia Ubert. Her great grandchildren Riley James Ubert, Genesis Rayanne Perez, and Emberlynn Storm Vanaltena. Joshua Corey Manual Ubert, LunaLaRana Marie-Rose Ubert, Pearl Margaret-Marian Ubert, Amethyst Ruby Rose Marie LaBelle, Maryanna Graceland LaBelle, Stariel Athena Iris LaBelle, Demetri Cash Allen Labelle, Mathias Leo Marion Mayer, and Ever Renee Marie Mayer.

Sydney Kossowski and spouse Andrew Kossowski, grandchildren Eric Kossowski and Kristina Kossowski.

Siobhan Alvarez and spouse Michael Alvarez, grandchildren Cassandra Castillo, Anthony Alvarez, and Kaitlin Alvarez. Great grandchildren, Jaden Myers, Darryl Cook III, and Eliseyana Jeffrey.

Justin Ubert and spouse Becca Ubert, grandchildren Jordan Ubert, Gabriel Ubert and Miriam Ubert.

Lara Baker and spouse Terenzio Baker, grandchildren Narijah Baker, Asia Baker, Yasmin Baker, Nehemiah Baker, and Yasiana Baker.

Sabrina Guzman, grandchildren Dallas Creech (Megan Sparks) and Marysa Everette(Jeffrey Everette). Greatgrandchildren Ayanna Creech, Mariah Creech, Jaxson Creech, Elliana Everette, and Elijah Everette.

Gillian Rodriguez and Mauricio Rodriguez, and grandchild Liliana Rodriguez.

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Justin Ubert

June 30, 2022, 6:39 pm

I love you forever, Mama.

Traci Kirchinger

June 30, 2022, 9:40 pm

Your mom was a definite spitfire! She was a tough lady and raised some wonderful kids! There are a few of you that I love dearly. I know this is so difficult on you all. Sending my love, hugs and prayers to you all.

Ingrid Malik-Connor

July 1, 2022, 12:04 am

Jo and I met in Basic Training for the Air Force. She was in a different Flight than I. I had my vaccinations that morning and in the early evening, I had a fever of 103. I was sent to the ER and then to ICU where I was placed in the bed next to Jo. We were woken at 0200 for vitals checks and got to talking. I learned she was LDS and she told me where the meetings were held on Base. We have been close friends, actually more like sisters for forty-four years. WE were Partners in Crime at Chanute AFB during our job training. I was with her when she met her second husband. She was devoted to him at the time. I don’t hold any hard feelings toward him over their breakup. Stuff happens. He was a good man. Jo gave me her beloved Beagle Snuffy when the family was being transferred to Spain and he was my faithful companion until he passed at age 13. He saved me from sexual assault by a Serial Rapist and I will always be grateful to her for giving him to me. Side note. I never get sick from vaccinations. I believe I got sick that day specifically to meet Jo. Someday, The Deadliest Duo will be together again and our poor Father in Heaven will be shaking his head at our antics…for eternity.

Gillian Rodriguez

July 1, 2022, 12:24 pm

Each one of us got a special part of you Moma.
Lara has your green thumb.
Sabrina has your talent for cakes.
Lili has your sense of humor 100%.
Im not sure exactly what I got buy it might be just a bit of all of your talents and sass.
I dont have any regrets about our life. No matter what, I have always known how much you love us. I love you so much Moma.

Kasserine Orton

July 1, 2022, 12:28 pm

She was one of the best grandparents I knew. Always giving the family laughs and cracking jokes. I loved hearing her tell everyone “I love you, baby.” One of my favorite memories is when everyone came to Daleville for Dallas’s birthday and she wanted to give Yasiana a warhead. Yasiana thought it was so good at first and then her face realized how sour it was. The whole family will be in my thoughts in your time of need.

Victoria subotic

July 2, 2022, 11:14 am

The best thing I can remember is she always made you feel accepted and loved no matter what. Full of life and love. You will be dearly missed and your name will be carried on through our memories of you and the love you gave me I will never forget! Love you momma jo

Jennifer Lairmore

July 4, 2022, 6:15 am

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Yalls mother was always so kind to me when I seen her.
Jennifer, Bo, Aubrey and Durl Lairmore

Cheryl Lichtenberger

July 5, 2022, 12:43 am

My Dear Shirley Jo,
You will be missed by so many but you will be in our hearts forever. I remember our phone calls
that lasted till our phones died. I regret we lost contact with each other. You made me laugh and you brought back memories to me of the past of our family visits. The time we went to someone’s watermelon patch nearby and I think your brother picked it for us ( could’a been one of my sisters–who all will deny. lol) all to enjoy. The donkey & also the horse that bit Trudy. The dinners Aunt Anne made. She was as good a cook as mom. When we talked those are the things we reminisced about. You told me about your kids & I told you of mine. I love you Shirley and know you will be with family. God Bless.

Shawn Marie Gardenhire

July 26, 2022, 11:25 am

One of my most favorite Aunts. Was so good to see her when she so bravely made it to Yuma to see my dad and mom. I’m so grateful to have spent some time with her then. My condolences are late and my dad would say I was running on Shirley Jo time. It’s always been a favorite tease of his for me and now so even more! Uncle Bill and Aunt Lolo are heartbroken to loose their sister and I to have lost my aunt. Cousins, I am deeply sorry for your loss. I know she is smiling down proudly at how beautiful you all are and all of you have been in our hearts since! I love you Auntie Shirley!, Forever in my heart!

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